Calibration Certificates vs Reports

Difference between Calibration Certificate and Calibration Report

It is very important to identify the difference between Calibration Certificates and Calibration Reports in order to be able to request what suits your needs. Senseca can supply Certificates and Reports.


ACCREDIA / ISO 17025 Calibration Certificate

A Calibration Certificate is a document that only an ISO 17025 accredited Calibration Centre can issue.

Calibration Report

A Calibration Report is a document reporting the results of measurements made on the instrument. Since no accreditation or recognition is required, it can be issued by any body. For this reason it comes in different graphic forms and with metrological contents that are not always complete (e.g. with missing uncertainty).

Our laboratories carry out Calibration Reports following, where present, the same accredited procedures and reporting on the document issued all the data necessary to have confidence in the measurement process.

However, because they are performed outside of accreditation, they do not fully meet all the requirements of the company’s Management Systems. For this reason, our Calibrationn Centre LAT 124 suggests its customers to prefer, whenever possible, an ISO 17025 Calibration Certificate to calibrate their internal reference standards.