Air Speed

Air Speed Laboratory

The Air Speed laboratory is equipped with two wind tunnels that allow the calibration of the most common anemometers such as: hot wire anemometer, Pitot or Darcy tubes, wind vane, ultrasonic anemometer, cup anemometer.

Both wind tunnels are of the Göttinger type, in order to ensure the best metrological performance (stability, uniformity). Each tunnel is equipped with an LDA (laser Doppler anemometer) to ensure the best available reference standard.

In the GV1 wind tunnel it is possible to perform calibrations in a range from 1 to 60 m/s. The tunnel has a 600 mm circular test section, is driven by a 50 KW DC motor and is suitable for the calibration of biaxial and triaxial ultrasonic anemometers, cup anemometers, Pitot and Darcy tubes and all vane probes with a cross sectional area larger than 60 mm in diameter.

In the GV3 wind tunnel it is possible to carry out calibrations in the range from 0.1 to 35 m/s and has a circular test section of 320 mm, which is suitable for the calibration of hot-wire anemometers and vane probe with a cross section of less than 60 mm.

The laboratory also offers the possibility of carrying out Calibration Reports for measuring the wind direction of wind vanes and biaxial and triaxial ultrasonic anemometers.

Which instruments do we calibrate?
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Vane anemometers Find out more Download
2- and 3-axes ultrasonic anemometer Find out more Download
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Wind direction indicators – Wind vanes – Two and three axis ultrasonic anemometers (direction) Find out more Download