2- and 3-axes ultrasonic anemometer

2- and 3-axes ultrasonic anemometer

In the fields of meteorology, environmental monitoring, renewable energies, building automation, as well as in airports, ports, or marine applications, 2- or 3-axis static ultrasonic anemometers represent the ultimate in technology.

Wind speed and direction are determined by measuring the time it takes for ultrasonic pulses to travel from the transducer generating the pulse to the transducer receiving it.

This type of anemometer can be calibrated from 1 m/s in the 600 mm working section wind gallery.

The wide range of Senseca anemometers has been designed to meet any type of application, very often the measurement options are not limited to wind speed and direction but combine the main quantities of meteorological interest such as relative humidity, temperature, solar radiation, atmospheric pressure, and precipitation, making the instruments become complete weather stations, compact and lightweight.

From the HD53LS series with high sensitivity, particularly suitable for low speeds, to the HD52.3D and HD51.3D series that guarantee very high performance even at extremely high speeds, to the HD2003 series of triaxial anemometers.