Temperature Laboratory

Our temperature laboratory has been accredited since 1998 and was the first laboratory in our Calibration Centre to achieve accreditation.

More than 20 years of activity and experience have allowed our laboratory to reach a very high standard of expertise and work organisation, very often also acting as a driving force for the development of some of our product lines.

Over the years, particular attention has been paid to investment in instrumentation, which is constantly being updated and kept up to date with technological developments.

Today, the laboratory is equipped with high-level instrumentation including baths, ovens, multimeters, resistors and reference and working probes (noble metal thermocouples and platinum resistance thermometers).

In our temperature laboratory, calibration is carried out by comparing the customer’s instrument with our working samples by immersing the probes in the specific comparator media for each temperature range. Our baths and ovens cover a temperature range from -196 °C to 1064 °C.

Which instruments do we calibrate?
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