Photo-radiometry Laboratory

Our Photo-Radiometry laboratory was the first in Italy to be accredited for photo-radiometric quantities and still the only one for some of these.

Our laboratory instrumentation includes a state-of-the-art double monochromator mounted on an optical table, optical benches and a variety of sources (lamps and integrating spheres) with appropriate stabilised power supplies.

This allows us to perform calibrations for classical quantities such as illuminance (luxmeters), luminance (luminance meters) and irradiance in different spectral bands (UVA, UVB and UVC radiometers). We also perform calibrations in other quantities such as solar irradiance sensitivity (pyranometers), spectral irradiance in the range 200 nm – 800 nm, spectral sensitivity in the band 200 nm – 1100 nm, luminous intensity, colour temperature K and angular response or cosine response.

For other radiometric quantities, where the laboratory is not covered by accreditation, it is possible to verify the alternative calibration by issuing an ISO 9001 Report.

Which instruments do we calibrate?
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