Calibration of probes and data loggers for monitoring production and work environments

Taratura di sonde e data logger

Many production stages as well as many working environments require constant temperature monitoring. This is possible thanks to probes and data loggers, which produce extremely accurate measurements, but on the other hand require an equally precise and frequent calibration process.

The importance of measuring temperature in thermal cycles

When we talk about thermal cycles, we refer to any recursive thermal test during which the temperature is altered on a regular basis with the aim of obtaining two peaks: low and high temperature. When the values return to the starting conditions the cycle is considered completed, although the process must be repeated several times to obtain the desired results.

There is not international process valid for everyone; nevertheless, the thermal cycle in a climatic chamber is an environmental test which is carried out in many fields such as electronics or to verify the corrosion degree on particular metals.

Generally speaking, we can state that all tests performed within an environmental chamber require the use of dedicated equipments which must be properly tested and calibrated.

Cold environments and workers’ health

Temperature measurement becomes particularly important even in the working environment where, by necessity, values are between 0 °C and 10 °C. We are talking about those production environments that require, for example, compliance with the cold chain. Under these conditions, it is essential to carefully monitor the thermal stress to which workers are exposed since the body’s thermoregulation system activates vasoconstriction and shivering mechanisms to limit the decrease in temperature. Here, as first, we act with appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) such as technical clothing, but also by considering the maximum duration of work shifts, alternating them with warm-up periods.

Thermal monitoring through probes and dataloggers becomes essential even in these situations, as their calibration does.

Our ISO IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratories

The regular use of temperature measuring instruments can cause drifts that result in mistakes in readings and the consequent unreliability of measurements.  Our ACCREDIA LAT 124 Calibration Centre was born from the need to have instrumentations that always meets business requirements, meaning that it can return reliable measurements. Senseca owns 6 ISO IEC 17025 accredited laboratories that are regularly audited by ACCREDIA, the National Accreditation Body in Italy which guarantees the competence and impartiality of accredited laboratories.

We can support you, whether it is the first calibration or a renewal one. Click here for a customized quote!

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