Barometers and absolute pressure transmitters

Barometers and absolute pressure transmitters

Barometers are absolute pressure gauges which measure atmospheric pressure. They are used in particular in the meteorological field, in environmental monitoring systems, in meteorological and environmental data logging. They are also generally used for atmospheric pressure compensation in the performance of internal combustion engines, barometric pressure compensation in clean rooms and in vehicle emission tests.

Among the barometers used in meteorological stations, Senseca has a series of electronic barometers with analogue output HD9908T… as well as the series of barometric transmitters HD9408.3B. These use a piezoresistive sensor which gives extremely accurate and stable measurements of atmospheric pressure, with excellent repeatability, low hysteresis and very good temperature behaviour. The output signal of the sensor is conditioned to give a linear output voltage (or current depending on the model) proportional to the atmospheric pressure. All transmitters are factory calibrated and ready to use.

Among the range of portable barometers, HD2114B.2 allows, through the connection of other probes, the measurement of temperature and relative and differential pressure, in addition to the absolute pressure measurement.

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