Dataloggers & Humidity transmitters

Dataloggers & Humidity transmitters

A datalogger is an instrument capable of storing a multitude of measurements, generally performed automatically at regular, pre-determined time intervals, by associating the information about the time at which they were taken to each measurement. Instruments of this type make it possible to monitor the conditions in a certain environment even after the event, without the need for continuous supervision by an operator.

By duly interfacing the datalogger with a PC provided or directly with the PC supplied by the customer, the laboratory is able to calibrate practically any type of datalogger under the actual conditions of use.

A transmitter is a type of instrument that presents the measurement result in a form suitable for interpretation and use by another device, unlike indicators, which are designed to present the measurement result directly to the end user. The most common industrial standards provide a current output between 4 and 20 mA, or between 0 and 20 mA, or a voltage output between 0 and 1 V or between 0 and 10 V, but other configurations are also possible.

Thanks to its measuring instruments, the laboratory is able to calibrate practically any type of transmitter.

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